Haiti Soleil is founded on the belief that to bring about social change in Haiti, the country needs to empower young people by giving them access to safe nurturing spaces, and providing them with opportunities for intellectual exchange and creative expression.

about us

We believe the potential of a society is fulfilled only when all its citizens have access to information. Haiti Soleil seeks to cultivate the intellectual growth of Haiti’s children so they will become self-sufficient, and responsible advocates for a just and civilized society.

our mission

The mission of Haiti Soleil is to build and develop community-centered public libraries, museums, and other institutions of educational and cultural exchange focused on advancing the intellectual growth of young Haitian citizens. Haiti Soleil spearheads projects on behalf of, and in partnership with, individuals and organizations in Haiti that share similar principles and dedication to the dissemination of knowledge.


Advocating equality of access to educational opportunity, Haiti Soleil envisions a society where every child, regardless of social or economic status, grows up in a neighborhood with libraries and museums that preserve local, national, transnational, global history and culture at home and abroad to transform individual lives and whole communities.

our objectives

  • To turn neighborhoods into community learning environments.
  • To work with local community organizers to develop cultural institutions in underdeveloped areas in Haiti.
  • To collect books, school supplies and other educational materials and resources for learning on behalf of cultural institutions in Haiti.
  • To advance youth development programs that focus on cultural diversity, artistic expression, and global awareness.
  • To create scholarship projects and develop student exchange programs. 
  • To foster educational and cultural programs aimed at enhancing individual lives.
  • To cultivate an appreciation for the arts.